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Vision Fresh Organic Wheat Dalia 1 Kg

  • Organic wheat daliya has touched the quality which is totally a benchmark.
  • Life size- 6 months after packaging.
  • 100 percent authentic- our organic soya been is best in quality. 
  • Energy content-1 cup of wheat daliya has 339 calories. 

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• 100% Organic Certified
• USDA - United States Organic Certification
• Certified Organic by OneCert
• NPOP India Organic Certification
• Organic and Natural Products

Wheat is one of the most and popular grains being cuktiabtef in India and most of the countries. Wheat is something which we all know and its benefits can't be counted. It is an epitome of food and is always a perfect diet. It is composed of so many minerals and vitamins which are essential for proper body growths. Wheat is being used in a variety of ways from wheat flour to wheat daliya it is favorite of everyone. Wheat is a blessing for us. It is something gifted to us by God. India is cultivating diet. Since ages and it has always served in the form of chapati or daliya. It is the most cultivated grain in India and its abundance is what makes it cheap.

Wheat daliya is an item processed from wheat and is then converted into high fiber rich food. It’s easy to prepare at home and is very much rich in all the three building blocks of our body such as carbohydrate, protein, and fats. The most important use of wheat daliya is to provide requisite amount fiber and protein to our body. Its high fiber content makes it suitable for your stomach to digest. It has several benefits on your health. It regulates bowel movement and keeps constipation away. Its fiber content makes it possible for intestines to absorb the nutrients easily and supply them to blood stream. It is mostly given to patients recovering from liver related diseases. It is also beneficial for heart patients as it keeps the blood clean. Liver patients are advised to take daliya on regular basis. It is also rich in minerals and fiber which strengthen your bones and muscles.

Our organic wheat daliya is prepared from finest of wheat and we make it sure that it is rich in all of its nutrients. We are known for our dedication towards making India organic again. With the advancement of technology chemicals have found a way to disturb the original composition of food. We make sure that our products are all organic and our wheat daliya is a perfect example of originality. We are working on our techniques to improve the quality with each passing day. We are making it a challenge for us to develop those agricultural practices which are totally advanced in organic farming. Our farmers are also very much learned about how to grow organic grains and the perfect example is our organic wheat which is used to make daliya.


Our organic wheat daliya is something we are proud of. It has touched the quality which is totally a benchmark. We have been working on improving our organic farming practices since long and the result is that we have become one of the most loved brands of India. Our main motto is to complete your diet with nature's gifts and to make you healthy and strong. Our organic wheat daliya is aimed at improving your health and we are glad to be friends with such farmers who are working hard along with us to give you best quality daliya.

*Life size- 6 months after packaging.

*100 percent authentic- our organic soya been is best in quality.

*Energy content-1 cup of wheat daliya has 339 calories.

*Keep in cool and dry place.


Add a cup of daliya to 3 cups of water and then cook it in the pressure cooker add your spices and it is ready to be consumed.


Per 100 gm


Fats -1gm

Protein -20gm

Fiber -6gm

* Our organic wheat daliya is rich in fiber which is helpful in treating so many health related issues.

*It is rich in protein and keeps you full for longer thus reducing hunger and making you to keep your macros under desired limits.

*It is rich source of vitamins and minerals which are useful for proper body growth.

*Helps reduce the chance of heart diseases.

* Keeps your blood clean and helps you lose those toxins.

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