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Vision Fresh Organic Wheat 25 KG

  • Our organic wheat is made from totally organic cultivation practices we are strictly against the use of chemicals.
  • Our farmers are always working hard to give you 100 percent authentic food items and the case is same with our wheat.
  • Life size- 12 months after packaging.
  • 100 percent authentic- our organic wheat is best in quality. 

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• 100% Organic Certified
• USDA - United States Organic Certification
• Certified Organic by OneCert
• NPOP India Organic Certification
• Organic and Natural Products

India is a place where you only hear chapati when you talk about food. Yeah chapati is something which is the most staple diet of Indian people. No one can imagine a life without a chapati covered with ghee and the most popular of all chapatis is one made from wheat flour.

It is high in nutritional value and is composed of a lot of nutrients and minerals. It is also rich in carbohydrate and protein. There is no hotel in India which can operate without the serving of chapati and dal and every dhaba runs because of chapatis .all over India chapati is being considered as a blessing and is having its importance in functions too. It has all become possible because of the wheat which we are using as flour. Wheat has proved to be a miraculous grain for Indian people it is grown in India in abundance and is being transported from India to other parts of the world.

Wheat is having a lot many nutritional values. It is a storehouse of nutrients. Wheat is high in carbohydrate which makes it a powerhouse of energy.

Wheat has the carbohydrate content greater than most of the grain and is easy to digest. Wheat is also rich in protein. It is helpful for those who are looking to get protein through vegetarian diet. Wheat is a powerful post-workout for bodybuilders and athletes. So if you are looking to gain weight then surely you can go for wheat.

The most important quality of wheat is that it is high in fibers which make it a good thing for digestion. Wheat is easy to digest as the fibers in it works as bowel movement regulator. Wheat is also known to have several other health benefits such as it is rich in minerals and vitamins which regulate the growth of muscles and makes them strong. It also helps you protect from certain deficiencies which are the reason for inhibiting your body growth.

Our organic wheat is something we are proud of as it is grown in fields which are made fertile with the help of manures such as cow dung and cow urine. We are also concerned about the use of certain natural pest killers free from chemicals. In this adulterated world we don't believe in adulterating our food items. We don't want to supply you with chemicals. Our main aim is to provide a segue to this unhealthy practice of chemical usage. We are working hard to kill those chemicals with nature's gifts. We want that you eat finest of our wheat so that you can get proper and perfect nutrition. It's all about completing your plate with dishes made from organic ingredients.


Our organic wheat is made from totally organic cultivation practices we are strictly against the use of chemicals and we help crops grow in nature's lap and not on the bed of chemicals. Our practices are all dedicated to the service of India. We have been learning a lot in this field of nutrition and we have taken an oath to provide you with best quality wheat.

Our farmers are always working hard to give you 100 percent authentic food items and the case is same with our wheat.

*Life size- 12 months after packaging.

*100 percent authentic- our organic wheat is best in quality.

*Energy content-1 cup of wheat has 339 calories.

*Keep in cool and dry place.


Our organic wheat is grown in organic conditions and is packed with total hygiene. All the processes involved in this work are being guided by our experts who are having paramount knowledge in organic farming. Our team also has several nutritional experts who make it tough for us to go easy with things as they check everything so wisely. Our works are totally dedicated to your betterment.

Use our wheat to make flour and it can be used to make chapatis by converting it to dough of proper consistency.


Per 100 gm

Carbohydrate -50gm

Fats -3.4gm

Protein- 20gm

Fiber- 1.2gm

*Wheat is helpful in supplying your bodies with a large amount of carbohydrate which can help you bulk up if you are a weight lifter.

* Wheat is also helpful in regulating the bowel movement. It keeps the system clean.

*It's high protein content makes is helpful in giving you proper muscle growth and the high amounts minerals and vitamins are helpful in treating certain medical conditions.

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