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Urad dal is one of the most important pulses we have ever known. No Indian kitchen can operate without this.

It is being used by Indian hotels and dhabas to make dal dry and dal makhani. Urad dal is known for its high protein content. It is best among its other varieties. Urad dal is something which is served in Indian houses since ages and has found it's important to place in most of the dishes. Urad dal is high in fiber too. India is rich in the wide variety of pulses. Our ancestors have blessed us with this dal so that we can enjoy our meal at the same time improve our health. Urad dal is important because it hides a lot many nutritional benefits.

 Urad dal washed is having a lot many benefits on health.

Urad dal is good for digestive system and keeps the gut healthy and removes constipation. It is also rich in antioxidants which are helpful in reducing weight. Urad dal is composed of so many minerals and vitamins which keep you healthy.

Urad dal is known to reduce several diseases and is rich in omega 3.

Urad dal is the best to scrub and removes dirt and pollutants from your skin .it has its soothing effect on skin as it opens the pores which allow skin to become healthy and also tightens it.

It is known to be anti-aging and is helpful in removing wrinkles. It also removes tanning from the face and also keeps the skin glowing.

Urad dal is known to be best if you are totally into making a healthy body .it is being used by Indians since ages to get a perfect muscle mass. Urad dal is rich in both carbs and Protein which make it perfect blend of nutrients required for helping in muscle growth. It is always good to have it as your post workout meal.

Organic urad dal is made from finest of urad seeds and grown to give you totally organic food item. Our main aim is to give you something which is always top quality and authentic. We have been working in this field of providing you with all the perfect ingredients. Our organic split washed is a thing which you can’t resist in your plates. It is packed with all the essential nutrients which you require for a healthy body. Our organic split dal is best to include in everyday meals.

Our organic dal is made in keeping your health as a priority our all processing and packaging’s are done keeping your health as the priority. Our team is always working 24/7 to give you with best of products and we are proud of our organic dal.


Our Urad split washed is a rich source of fiber and is also a good substitute for other cereals which are heavy on the stomach. It is a light food and is helpful in regulating bowel movements.

*It is well known for its soothing effect on acidity and is also useful in reducing heart burns.

*Serve it with rice so as to make a perfect combo of carbs and Protein.

*Life size-12 months after packaging.

*Authenticity guaranteed.

*Energy content-200 gm packing of urad split has 267 calories.


Take a cup of our urad dal washed and cook it in the pressure cooker and make it tasty by adding some tadka.


1 cup of urad dal has

Carbohydrate -30gm

Fats -5gm

Protein -6gm

Fiber -2gm

* It is also rich in antioxidants which are helpful in reducing weight.

* Urad dal is helpful in keeping heart healthy and is also responsible for keeping your cholesterol levels under control.

* Our organic dal is purely organic so no chances of introducing chemicals into your body.

* It is also a good substitute for non-vegetarian people who are looking to get Protein.

* Our urad dal is also a good source of healthy fat and is also a pure source of carbs

* Organic urad dal is best to fight digestion related issues and is also good fighting the muscle weakness.

* Urad dal can be used as a post workout snack for good amount of protein and is also helpful in gaining weight.

* Our organic urad dal is good in maintaining the balance between the enzymes secreted by your liver as it keeps your stomach healthy.

* Our organic dal is rich in omega 3 which is necessary for brain health.

* It is also a rich source of omega 6 and can keep your Brain healthy.

* It is also helpful in treating certain skin and hair related issues.

* Our organic dal is the best thing to take in the morning if you have gastric problems.

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