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Vision Fresh Organic Tejpata 50g

  • It is useful in offering energy and inner strength.
  • very good option to the burning sensations in the stomach
  • It helps to maintain proper bowel moment.
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    • 100% Organic Certified
    • Certified Organic by OneCert,
    • USDA Organic, NPOP India Organic Certification.

    • Tej patta (bay leaf) refers to aromatic leaf of bay laurel. 
    • Dried bay leaf can be utilized for cooking for its distinctive fragrance and flavor.
    • If eaten whole, it has a pungent, bitter and sharp taste. The smell of the bay leaves is clearer than taste. 
    • When dried, fragrance is slightly floral, herbal, and fairly similar to thyme and oregano.
    • The leaves most often are used whole and are removed before serving.
    • In India, bay leaf is often utilized in biryani and rich spicy dishes -though not as a daily ingredient in home cuisines - but as ingredient of garam masala. 
    • Bay leaf can also be ground or crushed before cooking.
    • Crushed bay leaf imparts more of their preferred fragrance than the whole leaf, but is harder to remove.

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