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Vision Fresh Organic Red Chilly Whole 200g

  • Red chilly is a super antioxidant and it makes blood flow smooth. 
  • It is highly rich in antioxidants which make it good for use in food items.
  • Helps maintain oh of blood.
  • Powerful remedy to maintain ph of body
  • Life size- 12 months after packaging.
  • Energy content-1 red chili of 45gm has 18 calories.

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• 100% Organic Certified
• USDA - United States Organic Certification
• Certified Organic by OneCert
• NPOP India Organic Certification
• Organic and Natural Products

Red chili is a name which is well known in the whole world. It is a spice which is the most important part of our kitchen. This world would be incomplete if we were not introduced to chilies. There are a lot many varieties of chili and all of them hold the equal importance. Chilies are grown in mostly hilly areas and areas having cold climates. Being one of the most used spice all over the world it is known as the father of spices. Italians are known for their spicy foods and so the Indians. Our dishes are full of hot spices which make our food stand out among all other cuisines of the world.

From being used in sauces to being an important constituent of moist of the snakes. Chilies have made their mark on mankind. Chili is hot because of it has a fair amount of acidic substances which make it spicy for the tongue. It is also composed of good fibers which improve gut health. It is a complete source of minerals which are incorporated in it by actions of nature. Red chili is mostly used to prepare powder out of it so as to use it in salads and dishes.

Red chili is also helpful in several health issues which may be cured naturally by it.

Red chili is also known best for improving metabolism so that the organs can function well.

Our red chilies are grown in fields which are totally dedicated towards organic cultivation. We don't use unhealthy and damaging chemicals. We only use healthy manure and natural pesticides which are gifted by nature. Our company is dedicated to producing items which are rich in nutrients. Our main concern is your health and it is also our priority. Organic chili is something which is very much helpful in improving your health. We make sure that you get the best chili for your purposes.

We have been working hard since years to give you best products.


Red chilly is a super antioxidant and it makes blood flow smooth. You can use it in your tadka or with any other salad. It is highly rich in antioxidants which make it good for use in food items.

*Helps maintain oh of blood.

*Powerful remedy to maintain ph of body

*Life size-3 months after packaging.

*Energy content-1 red chili of 45 gm has 18 calories.

*Keep it away from moisture.


You can use red chili in many of the recipes you just need to add it to your favorite dish. It will give it that amazing spicy taste.


1 chili 18 gm

Carbohydrate -4gm


Protein -0.8gm

Fiber- 1gm

* Red chili contains a wide number of such compounds which have health benefits.

* It is composed of lutein which curbs several diseases

* It consists of powerful minerals and antioxidants which help boost immunity.

* It is also composed of a large number of fibers.

* The fibers contained help in relieving constipation.

* Consists of certain enzymes which support the liver in maintaining the digestive health.

* Consists of several chemicals which make it a perfect remedy for arthritis.

* It also reduced the risk of Parkinson’s diseases.

* Maintains the body fat as its chemicals are a good fat burner.

* Supplement industry use its chemicals to burn fat.

* It also reduces the chances of acne on face.

* It also cures a large number of bone-related disorders.

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