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Vision Fresh Organic Masoor Split 1000g

  • Our masoor split can be either cooked or served directly or can be combined with other food items to make a complete nutritional meal.
  • It is rich in vitamin E which is good for eyes and also skin.
  • Having a long life of 6 months after packaging.
  • Energy content-100 gm has 335 calories.

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• 100% Organic Certified
• USDA - United States Organic Certification
• Certified Organic by OneCert
• NPOP India Organic Certification
• Organic and Natural Products

Masoor daal is a very much important ingredient of Indian kitchen is served in houses with the combination of spices. This dal is amazing and is liked by each and every member of the family from kids to adults all eats it. Masoor dal is being cultivated in India since years and is being used in almost every Indian house.

Masoor dal split is cooked under high pressure and is then served with chapati. There are much more uses of masoor dal in the kitchen like it are used in khichadi.

Masoor dal split is something we get from masoor pulse. It is well-known fact that both masoor dal and masoor split are same but the difference lies in the fact that both of them are processed differently, We are actually into a business where there is so much of competition with a large number of companies selling trash in name of organic food .Our main aim is to make people healthy by providing them with best food items so that they can quite using badly made products. Some companies claim to use no chemicals but in reality, they are mending them with even those products which do not require them. Our organic masoor dal is something we made with due care keeping all the nutrients intact, it is a dal which requires proper caring but also high in amino acids .we make sure that we allow only those hands which are perfect for their growth. Masoor dal is well known for its quality of being rich in Protein, essential fats and carbs which make it a complete thing to have on your plate. So we recommend you to use only organic masoor dal from vision fresh.

Our masoor dal is cultivated in totally organic fields and only manures are used instead of chemicals fertilizers. We are more conscious about your health rather than being conscious about supplying you things in bulk. Each and every single grain of masoor dal is checked for quality by special means and then is packed.

Our masoor dal is totally organic and is free from adulterants. What you need is just serving it after cooking and it's ready to bulk your body with nutrition. In this world of chemicals, we make sure that you are eating healthy.


Our company has an innovative approach towards our products and that’s why we take pride in saying that we use all the nature’s gifts to grow our masoor spilled dal. Being rich in all its minerals and nutrients it offers a complete range of the nutritional spectrum.

*Our masoor split can be either cooked or served directly or can be combined with other food items to make a complete nutritional meal.

*It is rich in vitamin E which is good for eyes and also skin.

*Having a long life of 6 months after packaging.

*Energy content-100 gm has 335 calories.


Take about the half cup of dal and then cool it in the pressure cooker and add taste by giving it a Tadka. Your tadka masoor dal is ready. You can make khichadi too.


Per 100 gm

Carbohydrate- 18


Protein- 6

It consists of several minerals and vitamins.

*Our masoor split dal is good in fibers and is helpful in curing digestive problems.

*It is well known for the perfect composition that makes it a perfect thing if you are a hard gainer.

* Have it any time of day the benefits are always same.

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