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Vision Fresh Organic Maize Dalia 500g

  • Being very much rich in omega 6 it helps in reducing risk of heart diseases.
  • It keeps your stomach clean and keeps bloating away.
  • Life size-20 months after packaging.
  • 100 percent authentic- Our organic maize daliya is best with their quality.

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• 100% Organic Certified
• USDA - United States Organic Certification
• Certified Organic by OneCert
• NPOP India Organic Certification
• Organic and Natural Products

Daliya is a very important dietary supplement which makes it easier for the body to get the fibers without any difficulties. Since our diets are full of carbohydrates and protein so there is a need of fiber which can actually help the gut to digest the food and take maximum nutrition from it. Maize daliya is rich in fibers and is packed with good crab and a fair amount of protein.

Maize dailya is good as it's totally gluten free and it helps you lose weight if you are on a diet. Maize daliya has several health benefits like it helps the blood to kick out toxins as it has antioxidant properties. Maize daliya is also helpful if you are looking for a weight loss. Daliya can keep you full for longer and thus help you control your hunger.

Maize has several health benefits. Maize also helps fight anemia as it has a high amount of vitamin b12 as it is required to form new blood cells.

Maize is rich in carbohydrates it has both slow fast digesting carbohydrates. It can help bodybuilders who are in search of high carbs foods. It helps in food functioning of the brain and nervous system.

It is a good source of good cholesterol and it helps in removing bad cholesterol. It helps in strengthening the vessels and so reduces heart diseases.

Maize is a great thing for weight lifters who are looking to get bulk. It is high in carbs.

Our maize daliya is prepared from finest maize grown in organic fields. We are a company which produces totally organic items and we are strictly against the use of chemicals and pesticides. Our main aim is to improve your health. Our maize daliya is having so many health benefits and it is all because of our farmers who are dedicated to this work of producing organic maize.


Maize daliya is being eaten by people who have been suffering from certain digestive problems as it has most of its contents high in such compounds which can reduce certain chronic intestinal ailments.

*Being very much rich in omega 6 it helps in reducing risk of heart diseases.

*It keeps your stomach clean and keeps bloating away.

*Life size-20 months after packaging.

*100 percent authentic- Our organic maize daliya is best with their quality.

*Energy content-100 gm has 150 calories.

*Keep in fresh and air tight containers.


Add one to two cups of maize daliya in 4 cups of water and then boil it in pressure cooker .you can add your favorite vegetables to it and make it a perfect diet for your gym. You can eat this daliya so as to eat something rich in fiber.


Our maize daliya is 100 percent authentic and it is cultivated keeping the chemicals away. It is purely organic and is grown with total care. The packaging is such to keep the nutrition intact.

Nutritional features

Each 100 gm of maize daliya

Carbohydrate -40gm

Protein -3.2gm

Fats -2gm


It has is also having a large amount of vitamins and minerals which are helpful in your overall health.

Maize daliya is helpful in curing digestive problems.

Maize daliya has a large amount of carbohydrate which is good for athletes.

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