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Vision Fresh Organic Honey 250g

*Organic Honey is derived from best of the hives in the forests so as to keep it all original. 
*Life size- 12 months after packaging.
*100 percent authentic-our honey is derived from natural sources with no added chemicals. 
*Energy content-1 cup 339 calories. 

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• 100% Organic Certified
• USDA - United States Organic Certification
• Certified Organic by OneCert
• NPOP India Organic Certification
• Organic and Natural Products

Honey is something which we all love. We all have been using it for different purposes. Honey is being used as an antiseptic as an eatable and at some places, it is used for sacred practices.

Honey is a gift from God to us which is produced automatically by bees. Bees after collecting the nectar from the flowers and the prepare honey from it. It’s said that if there are no bees then there will be no human left on Planet and this is true as we can't imagine lives without the honey.

Honey is used in food items for making a large number of sweets .honey is the best substitute for unhealthy refined sugar. Honey is also used by people who can't have sugar due to diabetes.

Organic Honey is also used as a topical solution for infections and wounds. It has great healing properties which are being used by tribal people since ages. These people collect the honey from numerous places and then store them. Honey is an item which has a long life .the older the honey the better it is.

Our Organic Honey is derived from the hives naturally occurring in forests. We deal with the tribes and give them fair amount so as to collect the finest honey. This honey is then further processed and packed so as to give you best service.

We don't add any chemicals to increase the self-life as it is its own savior.

Use vision fresh organic honey in your sweets or in your drinks it will always give you a pleasure.


*Organic honey is derived from best of the hives in the forests so as to keep it all original.

*Life size- 12 months after packaging.

*100 percent authentic-our honey is derived from natural sources with no added chemicals.

*Energy content-1 cup 339 calories.

*Keep in cool and dry place.


*Indian cuisine

*No added preservatives

*Weight -250 gms

*Made in India



Use one to two tablespoon of honey in your morning green tea or add it to your sweets.

You can also use it as a pre-workout in the gym. It can also be used to cure skin allergies.


Purely organic and is having no added preservatives. The the only ingredient is pure honey.


*No fats and no cholesterol



*Carbohydrate-280 gm


* It is used in morning green tea and gives refreshment. Also, help in reducing weight.

* Give a tablespoon of honey to your kid so as to improve his brain capabilities. It helps the brain to improve its function.

* Use it as a pre workout as it helps in restoring the muscles and supplies energy. It is being used by athletes to cope up with the tiredness after a workout.

* Use it in sweets as it is a cure for many diseases. Honey is known to have properties which help improve health by killing so many diseases.

* It has anti-cancerous properties. It is being used to cure cancer. In Ayurveda honey has been given a place which no other substance is given.

* Its applications are wide in health related issues.

* It is used in several skin allergies. It is known to have healing effects on wounds and it can also reduce infections.

*Honey is a fat cutter and it helps in reducing appetite .it has special properties which help cut the stored fat.

*Make a refreshing drink with the help of honey in summers and avoid carbonated drinks.

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