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Vision Fresh Organic Groundnut Oil 500ml

•  Organic groundnut oil-derived from totally organic groundnuts.
•  Life size- 12 month
•  100%original-our groundnuts oil is totally pure and is authentic in every means.
•  Energy content-884 kcal per 100 mg
•  Adds flavors to foods and is best for health. 

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• 100% Organic Certified
• USDA - United States Organic Certification
• Certified Organic by OneCert
• NPOP India Organic Certification
• Organic and Natural Products

We can't imagine our food items without the usage of oil. For almost every delicious dish in India, there is oil releasing its goodness during cooking. Oils have been of great help to humans since ages and they are important too because of their active participation in nutritional aspects.

But when we look at the sources of oils then groundnut is something very much amazing. Groundout oil is the most popular oil being used in India.

It is derived from peanuts and has a strong flavor of peanuts.

It also has the high smoke point which makes it perfect for frying or deep frying the foods.

Our groundnut oil is prepared from totally organic peanuts .they are cultivated using all organic means .they are passed through quality control checks so that only finest peanuts are used for the manufacture of oil. We know how much of your health means to you this is why we use totally hygienic means of production and packing. Our groundnut oil is packed in different sizes and is also having the long life due to proper packaging.

So use it in deep frying your foods or in making any dish with its help it will always serve you with best of its service.


Organic groundnut oil-derived from totally organic groundnuts .we don't believe in using chemicals but more inclined towards nature's gifts.

Life size- 12 month

100%original-our groundnuts oil is totally pure and is authentic in every means.

Energy content-884 kcal per 100 mg

Adds flavors to foods and is best for health. Packing is such that it holds nutritional value for long.

Keep in cool and dry place.


*Indian cuisine

*No added preservatives

*Weight - 500ml

*Made in India



Add one to two spoons or according to your wish of groundnut oil in a pan and use it for cooking your masala or you can just deep fry your potato chips and other snacks such as samosa, kachori etc. It can also be added in an Italian salad as a unique touch.


Totally made out of the pure peanuts without any adulteration. It is extracted by pressing the peanuts and then processing the oil for packaging.



Fat-100 gm

Vitamin e-15.7gm

Mineral (zinc)-.01 gm

Cholesterol- 00


* Very low in carbohydrates so it's very easy for you to include it in your diet if you are a conscious gym visitor. This property of groundnut oil makes it popular oil for special diets.

* Healthy fat is what it supplies to our body. Unhealthy fats can cause a lot of problems for health so groundnut is what you can trust on.

* Unlike other oils groundnut oil has no cholesterol which makes it ideal for use .it has good fats which help cure heart diseases.

* Made from finest peanuts from the fields, each and every ounce of peanuts is checked and then further processed for extracting oil. We never compromise with quality. We are always working for the betterment of your health.

* Groundnut oil has its own taste and aroma which adds to the taste of the food and makes it interesting to eat. Everyone in your family will love this new aroma.

* Packed in different sizes which are best suitable for household purposes.

* Can also be used as a preservative for your pickles and can help them live longer and also keeps their nutrition intact.

* Can also be used for deep frying of your snacks.

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