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Vision Fresh Organic Green Tea 100g

  • It is useful in offering energy and inner strength.
  • very good option to the burning sensations in the stomach
  • It helps to maintain proper bowel moment.
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    • 100% Organic Certified
    • Certified Organic by OneCert,
    • USDA Organic, NPOP India Organic Certification.

    • Green tea is known to be enjoyed since ages for no particular reasons, from simply hydration to well being.
    • Organic Green tea contains green tea made exclusively with Camellia Sinensis leaves that have undergone least oxidation while processing.
    • Green tea extract has caffeine and poly phenols that have shown to persuade thermo genesis and rouse fat oxidation, boosting metabolic rate to 4% without raising the heart rate.
    • Green tea extract burns more calories than the caffeine.
    • Regular green tea consumers have lower chance of heart diseases and of developing different type of cancer.
    • You can combine green tea along with other flavors; give it a sweeter taste such as: green tea with orange, or green tea with black current.

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