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Vision Fresh Organic Cumin Seed (Jeera Whole) 50g

•    Handpicked from the freshest spices and processed under hygienic conditions.
•    100% Natural- No artificial flavor and preservatives added.
•    Life –12 months
•    Energy Content- 375calories per 100 gram 
•    Used in tempering almost every Indian dish.

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• 100% Organic Certified
• USDA - United States Organic Certification
• Certified Organic by OneCert
• NPOP India Organic Certification
• Organic and Natural Products

Every Rajasthani Tadka is incomplete without “Jeera” i.e. cumin seeds. Be it any dish from curries to paneer masala, cumin seeds are of foremost importance. They add to the flavor and aroma of the dish and are also good for the stomach. Cumin seeds are effective for weight loss. A pinch of cumin seeds leads to a major weight loss. The presence of essential oils in cumin seeds stimulate our salivary glands and hence, are helpful in the digestion of food. It increases the flow of urine to prevent bloating and also for menstruation.

According to researchers, cumin acts as an anti-oxidant and increases metabolism which helps to reduce the abdominal fat. Cumin helps in cutting the fat. Cumin also acts as rehydrate of the human body and thus is sprinkled on many of the beverages during summer like dahi, Jal jeera etc. According to the studies in the USA, cumin also helps in fighting against cancer. It improves immunity and helps lactation too.

Vision Fresh Organic Cumin Seeds flavors up your dish as well as maintains your body in good posture. It provides relief from chills, reduces swells and relieves any breathing difficulties. Cumin also helps in regulating the bowel movement and curing intestinal diseases and also helps reducing toothaches. A bath from cumin seed water (boiled and later cooled) helps to lower the body heat and itchiness. It also cures diabetes and the common cold.  Roasted cumin has an earthly taste and after grinding when they are sprinkled upon food items gives them a floral scent and satisfies all our senses. It is used as an odorant for cosmetic oils.


•    Organic Cumin Seeds- Handpicked from the freshest spices and processed under hygienic conditions.

•    100% Natural- No artificial flavor and preservatives added.

•    Life –12 months

•    Energy Content- 375calories per 100 gram

•    Used in tempering almost every Indian dish.

•    Keep in cool and dry place.


•    Indian Cuisine

•    No added preservative

•    Weight- 50g

•    Made in India

•    Vegetarian


•    Add little amount of cumin seeds to the hot oil/ghee for tempering. It gives a delicious taste and scent to the food.

•    Cumin seeds can be roasted and then grinded and further can be used as sprinklers on the food items.


•    Nutrition- It provides 375 calories per 100g. It has the total fat of around 22g and has no cholesterol thus is not harmful to the heart.

•    The carbohydrate content for the same is 44g per 100g and protein is 18g.

•    Weight Loss- Cumin seeds is very effective in weight loss. One big spoon of cumin soaked overnight and chewed in the morning helps to eliminate fat sooner.

Results can be noticed within few weeks.

•    Increases Metabolism- little amount of cumin powder with few drops of honey in water every day makes tummy healthy and is good for appetite. It helps digestion and is also very healthy.

•    Drinking cumin tea also help in the reduction of body fat.                       

•    It aids insomnia and piles.

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