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Vision Fresh Organic Coriander (Whole) 200g

•    Organic Coriander Powder – Handpicked Best quality Coriander seeds, processed in hygienic and sanitized conditions.
•    100% Natural- No artificial flavor and preservatives added.
•    Life – 12 months
•    Energy Content- 23g calories per 100g.
•    They can be used to relish any kind of Cuisine.

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• 100% Organic Certified
• USDA - United States Organic Certification
• Certified Organic by OneCert
• NPOP India Organic Certification
• Organic and Natural Products

Coriander is used in almost all kinds of spicy treats be it samosa, kachori, pakoras, patties or other dishes. They add to the taste and fragrance of the food, spice them a little and parts hearty and healthy benefits to the body.  It comes from the plant that gives us Cilantro. Vision Fresh Organic Coriander is a spice used in the Indian cuisines. These are the best quality seeds with a highly blissful smell and taste. They have intriguing qualities and give a unique smell to the food. Coriander has a therapeutic effect on body and skin. They maintain equilibrium in the body. According to Ayurveda, they are helpful to females who suffer from menstrual problems. They support healthy menstrual functions. It eases the digestive problems and lowers the savageness and frequency of abdominal pain and constipation. They treat diabetes by lowering down the blood sugar level. They have dual blood glucose lowering effects as the secretion from the pancreas is enhanced. It reduces bad cholesterol and heart diseases. They have strong anti-bacterial properties that help in fighting against food-borne illness i.e. food poisoning. It alleviates urinary tract infections. Coriander reduces hypertension by reducing the high blood pressure and prevents from deadly strokes and blood clots. 

They are an imminent source of beauty augmentation. They have the anti-oxidating property that reduces free radical thereby decreasing aging effects. They have complexion friendly minerals and Vitamin C, which keeps the body fulfilled. They decrease the bad cholesterol level and reduce the heart diseases. The cooling effect of coriander soothes the body and skin. Vision Fresh Organic Coriander can extensively be used in all kinds of Indian, Mexican and Latin-American cooking, widely used in curries. They have a warm spicy-sweet scent and a slightly lemony and warm flavor. They give a perfect blend of ravishing taste and augments fragrance. They add up to the flavor and provide a pinch of tanginess to the meal.


•    Organic Coriander Powder – Handpicked Best quality Coriander seeds, processed in hygienic and sanitized conditions.

•    100% Natural- No artificial flavor and preservatives added.

•    Life – 12 months

•    Energy Content- 23g calories per 100g.

•    They can be used to relish any kind of Cuisine.

•    Keep in cool and dry place.


•    Indian Cuisine

•    No added preservative

•    Weight- 200g

•    Made in India

•    Vegetarian


•    A few seeds are added in the making of the dishes.


•    Nutrition- It provides 23g calories per 100g. It has 0.5g fat.

•    It has no bad cholesterol.

•    It gives the cooling sensation to the skin burns.

•    It has anti-inflammatory qualities.

•    It is a very potent anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic, detoxifier, and disinfectant.

•    It improves the cholesterol level and thus, is good for the heart.

•    Coriander also has cooling effects in the stomach and is good during hot splashes of the loo. It is added to drinks.

•    It eases the menstrual pain in women.

•    It is used as a remedy against food poisoning.

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