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Vision Fresh Organic Candy (Mishri) - 500 grams

  • Organic Mishri is an ayurvedic crystallized form sugar and has the exceptional level of purity.
  • Shelf Life: 12 months
  • Contains no artificial flavors
  • Storage Instructions: Keep in a cool and dry place

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• 100% Organic Certified
• USDA - United States Organic Certification
• Certified Organic by OneCert
• NPOP India Organic Certification
• Organic and Natural Products

Mishri or Rock Sugar is the crystalline and refined form of sugar. It is considered to be healthy than normal table sugar. Mishri is widely used in Indian Households in different ways like in sweet preparation, decorating desserts, offering it to Gods, to sweeten the milk etc.  Vision Fresh is offering Organic Mishri to you; it is prepared by using advanced organic technique directly from raw sugar and without using any added artificial sweetening agent or flavors, in a finely crystallized form. Vision fresh has made sure to give it an exceptional level of purity and totally chemical free. It is also available in candy form made out from natural ingredients only.


•    Vision Fresh organic Mishri is an ayurvedic crystallized form sugar and has the exceptional level of purity.

•    Shelf Life: 12 months

•    Contains no artificial flavors

•    Weight: 500g

•    Storage Instructions: Keep in a cool and dry place


Specialty  - 100% natural, no artificial flavors

Weight  -  500 Grams

Country of Origin  -  India

Ingredient type  -  Vegetarian


Directly derived from natural sugar and is shaped in crystalline form. No added artificial flavors.


It can be used in dishes to impart them sweetness. Since it is available in candy form it can also be consumed as-it-is. It can also be used at an altar to offer it to Gods. It is not recommended for diabetic patients due to high sugar content.


•    For Eyesight: Combination of Mishri, Almonds, fennel seeds (saunf) and black paper is very effective to improve eye sight. Along with improving eyesight, this mixture also helps in sharpening memory and treating headache

•    For Cold & Throat Infection: If the equal amount of almond and mishri is taken with a 1/4th quantity of black pepper then the resulting mixture is very helpful in treating the sore throat or throat infection, it also releases excess nasal mucus.

•    To treat Impotency: Mixture of walnut, mishri and saffron with milk is very effective in treating the problem of impotency in men. Besides this, if mishri is taken with roots of ladyfinger then also it improves libido in men.

•    Good Brain Tonic: Mixture of Mishri and walnut is very important to brain tonic if consumed with the glass of milk before going to bed. It is a good natural remedy to sharpen memory.

•    For Breathing Problem: If you have the breathing problem, then take 2 tbsp of milk cream, add a pinch of black pepper and some mishri to it. This mixture will resolve all your breathing problems.

•    Useful in Cough: According to Ayurveda, mishri is very effective against a cough. Just take some mishri and keep it in your mouth and swallow its juice. It will help in soothing the throat and loosening the mucus. It is a very simple natural home remedy for a cough for any age groups either it is the kid or older people.

•    Useful for lactating Mothers: Mishri with black sesame seeds is very helpful for improving milk of lactating mothers if this mixture is consumed twice a day with a glass of milk by lactating mothers.

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