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Bajra Dalia is mostly served in breakfast and has many nutritional benefits. With the relishing taste comes the goodness of millet. It is easy to digest and is recommended to be added in the diet during sickness. It is a versatile food recipe. It can be eaten with milk, yogurt, and butter. It can be served with leafy vegetables too. It is cooked mainly in Rajasthan and is a part of our Cuisine. It is consumed widely in rural areas and is a poor man’s staple food. It is the oldest grain cultivated by man. Bajra is made of starch and is a high energy food. Since breaking down of starch takes longer time, it keeps us full and is an excellent source of amino acids that make protein molecules.  It has niacin, a vitamin that lowers the cholesterol level and prevents heart disease. It is a good source of potassium and magnesium that regulates the blood pressure. Lignin, a phytonutrient present in Bajra lowers the risk of cardiac arrest.

Bajra Dalia is the rich source of insoluble fiber which helps in digestion and stool formation. It prevents constipation and also reduces the secretion of bile acids and formation of gall stones. It heads up against cancer and prevents them. It prevents pre-menopausal women from breast cancer. It lowers the risk of diabetes and increases insulin sensitivity. It keeps glucose level to normal. It is recommended by doctors and nutritionists to include Bajra Dalia in our breakfast schedules.

Vision Fresh Organic Bajra Dalia is simple in taste but is favorable. It is the healthiest form of morning breakfast and must be consumed on daily basis. It is gluten-free and highly nutritious. T is rich in starch and is a high source of energy. It has the lowest possibilities of causing allergies. It is high in fiber content too and is beneficial for all kinds of age group. It has high iron content that helps in the formation of healthy bones.


•    Organic Bajra dalia – Comes straight from the farm and is split by machines in hygienic conditions.

•    100% Natural- No artificial flavor and preservatives added.

•    Life –6 months

•    Energy Content- 111caloris per 100g.

•    Bajra dalia makes a healthy Indian breakfast.

•    Keep in cool and dry place.


•    Indian Cuisine

•    No added preservative

•    Weight- 500g

•    Made in India

•    Vegetarian


•    Boil and cook the Vision Fresh Organic Bajra Dalia. Add ghee and sugar. Serve hot.

•    It can be served with yogurt or vegetables.


•    Nutrition- It has 111calorie per 100 g of Bajra and 22g of carbohydrates.

•    No fat is transferred from it.

•    It has protein, Vitamin B12, and magnesium – the essential minerals for the body.

•    It is a rich source of fiber and supports weight loss.

•    It helps metabolism and is good for appetite.

•    It is gluten free.

•    It has rich content for starch and gives the feeling of fullness for a longer period.

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