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Vision Fresh Organic Amla Candy ( Sweet ) 200g

  • It is useful in offering energy and inner strength.
  • very good option to the burning sensations in the stomach
  • It helps to maintain proper bowel moment.
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    • 100% Organic Certified
    • Certified Organic by OneCert,
    • USDA Organic, NPOP India Organic Certification.

    Medicinal use of Amla is endless. Eating Amla often can facilitate you maintain healthiness. Amla pieces ar sun dried and sugared with sugar. You can store it in containers and use throughout the year. Only two ingredients amla and sugar are needed for the preparation of the candy.

    Nutrition Facts:

    Nutrition Facts per 100 Gram(s)*

    Calories:- 304 kcal

    Calories from Fat: 0 kcal

    Total Fat

    0.00 Gram(s)

    Total Carbohydrates

    75.40 Gram(s)

    Dietary Fiber

    1.00 Gram(s)


    45.00 Gram(s)


    0.60 Gram(s)

    Vitamin C

    172.00 Miligram(s)

    *(approx value) 
    * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.


    Advantages Amla candy :

    • Amla promotes healthier hair, and boosts the absorption of calcium, thus creating healthier bones, teeth, nails and hair.
    • Helps to maintain youthful hair color and retards premature graying.
    • It is rich in Vitamin C, and known to prevent premature hair-fall. The rich source of Vitamin C from the fruit acts as a great detoxifying agent for a sluggish liver, and helps to make the skin clear and radiant.


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