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Vision Fresh Organic Amla Candy ( Spicy) 50g

•    Made from the best qualities of gooseberries and processed in the hygienic conditions.
•    100% Natural- No artificial flavour and preservatives added.
•    Life – 12 months
•    Energy Content- 365 Kcal per 100g
•    It can be consumed a whole food substitute with a tangy taste.

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• 100% Organic Certified
• USDA - United States Organic Certification
• Certified Organic by OneCert
• NPOP India Organic Certification
• Organic and Natural Products

Nobody is unaware of the therapeutic effects of amla on human body and its assets. Amla is a magical fruit, rich in every nutrient that is essential and indispensable to the health. Vision Fresh Organic Amla Candy (Spicy) has chatpatta tangy taste. It is a blend of sweet, chilly and sour taste flooded with essential nutrients. The perfect mixture of the various taste makes it mouth watering and irresistible. It has become the favourite food among the concerned masses.

Amla is a warrior against ageing, skin problems and hair loss or balding. It provides man a complete package of good health and a vivid personality. It fights against heart diseases and digestion problems. It assesses the secretion of the digestive juices. Eating amla candy boosts metabolism which leads to higher rate of weight loss, higher energy rate and increases lean muscle mass. Amla can be blissful for the people afflicted to diabetes as it reduces the blood sugar level and assist body for proper absorption of insulin. It is high in anti-inflammatory properties, fibre content and water content. It is a potent source of antioxidant, vitamins and tannins. These ascend the body’s disease fighting capabilities.  Amla is a threat to gall bladder stones; it converts cholesterol into bile for liver to consume. The antibacterial properties of amla prevent ulcers, they reduce the acidity level of the body that prevents the corrosion of the stomach lining and thus prevents ulcers. It helps to flush out all the toxic fluids out of the body. The high content level of calcium strengthens bones and teeth. Daily consumption of amla improves eyesight, purifies blood and prevents constipation. Presence of Vitamin C shields body from hot splashes and light. Amla also prevent from the deadly diseases like jaundice and scurvy, reduces chances of cancer and ward off the damage done by alcohol on liver.

Vision Fresh Organic Amla Candy is a versatile food and is enriched with health and happiness.


•    Organic Amla Candy – Made from the best qualities of gooseberries and processed in the hygienic conditions.

•    100% Natural- No artificial flavour and preservatives added.

•    Life –12 months

•    Energy Content- 365 Kcal per 100g

•    It can be consumed a whole food substitute with a tangy taste.

•    Keep in cool and dry place.


•    Indian Cuisine

•    No added preservative

•    Weight- 50g

•    Made in India

•    Vegetarian


Amla, Sugar, Black Pepper, Mango Powder and Black Salt.


Eat 10-12 candies per day for a gift of good health and amazing taste.


•    Nutrition- It provides 365 Kcal per 100g. It has total fat of around 0.25g and has no cholesterol thus is not harmful for heart.

•    It has good fibre of 8.30g in quantity.

•    The carbohydrate content for the same is 69.51g per 100g and protein is 1.19g.

•    Amla Candies are rich source of Vitamin C, protein, phosphorus, calcium and iron.

•    Amla fights ageing.

•    It reduces the risk of cancer, jaundice and scurvy.

•    It helps in weight loss and burns calories.

•    Increases haemoglobin level, RBC count and purifies blood.

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