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Vision Fresh Organic Ajwain 100g

•    Organically grown without using toxic chemicals
•    Cultivated in India with advanced organic techniques
•    Shelf life: 12 months
•    Effective for cold, cough, nausea etc.
•    High energy content per gram serving
•    Store in airtight container and in a dry place
•    100% certified organic product

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• 100% Organic Certified
• USDA - United States Organic Certification
• Certified Organic by OneCert
• NPOP India Organic Certification
• Organic and Natural Products

Ajwain or cumin seeds are a brown colored spice made by the seed of cuminumcyminum.  It is a very active ingredient in, Indian seasonal food and gives the food, a sharp and distinctive taste, this is the reason that ajwain is found in every kitchen around India, today. Along with it, Ajwain is the rich source of fiber, vitamin, mineral, etc. Vision Fresh has moved one step further by bringing organic ajwain to the Indian market. Organic means, no pesticides or fertilizers are used during cultivation of ajwain, rather locally honed methods are used by the farmers to produce it. Organic ajwain has the same taste as normal ajwain but gives you extra health benefits than normal ajwain. So, now you can enjoy the benefits of nature and relish healthy, pure and chemical free ajwain, all at the same time.


•    Organically grown without using toxic chemicals

•    Cultivated in India with advanced organic techniques

•    Shelf life: 12 months

•    Effective for cold, cough, nausea etc.

•    High energy content per gram serving

•    Store in airtight container and in a dry place

•    100% certified organic product


Specialty - 100% natural, no artificial flavors

Weight  - 100 gram

Country of Origin - India

Ingredient type - Vegetarian


OrgaincAjwain is made out from cumin seeds, directly produced from the farm. No preservatives are used which ensure that strong pungent and aromatic flavor of ajwain is not lost.


It can be fried in an adequate amount of ghee or oil or can be dry-roasted before use. It can also be consumed raw (if suggested). Organic ajwain can also be sprinkle over bread & biscuits. Using organic ajwain will add more flavor to your dishes.


•    The remedy for digestion problem: Ajwain has very mild alcoholic properties when consumed with the pinch of salt in a glass of water; it provides instant relief from stomach ache and also improves appetite.

•    If fired seeds of ajwain are consumed daily for 10-15 days, then it helps in respiratory problem and also helps to get rid of a common cough and cold

•    Boon for asthmatic patients:  The smoke of ajwain makes the breathing pattern easier. Also, the paste of ajwain and jaggery if consumed for 3-4 days, can prove helpful for asthmatic patients

•    For Diabetic Patients: 1 tbsp of Ajwain seeds and 4 tbsp of Bael leave juice if consumed for 3-4 days, helps in controlling sugar level of the body.

•    To dissolve kidney stone: The mixture of ajwain seeds, honey and vinegar helps to dissolve the kidney stone that ultimately removes with urine

•    For Weight loss: Ajwain helps in fastening the bowel movement, which ultimately helps in reducing body weight and also regulates the obesity.

•    To get rid of Alcohol Addiction: If decoction of ajwain in the dose of 30ml, taken for regular 30 days, then it helps to suppress the thirst for alcohol

•    For Acidity and Hyperacidity: If ajwain is consumed along with lukewarm water and the pinch of salt in the morning or after the meal, helps to control the acidity.

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