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Sattvik Organics Summersplash Combo

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• 100% Chemical Free
• Certified Organic & Ayurveda
• Earth and Plant Based Ingredients
• Halal Certified Brand

"1. Reduces pore appearance & removes impurities 2. Deep cleanses & rejuvenates for a smooth radiant skin 3. Maintains ideal moisture balance 4. Refreshes skin cells 5. Keeps skin soft & supple " An antiseptic face cleanser that offers thorough cleansing by removing pollutants without depleting the natural moisture content. Added aroma oils soothe & relax stressed nerves. It takes off excess oil, gives your skin a natural glow & leaves it feeling fresh and soft. It is also an excellent make up remover. "1. Visibly enhances complexion 2. Restores natural fairness and glow 3. Evens skin tone & removes discoloration of all kinds 4. Renews & Revitalises damaged skin cells Protects skin from sun burn, blemishes & pigmentation 5. Helps prevent future damage 6. Gives a youthful, radiant, non-oily look " This saffron & turmeric based cream is a one-of-its-kind formulation to remove epidermal sun tan. It restores natural skin fairness and gives a spotless complexion. It is also exceptionally effective in evening the skin tone and protecting skin from sun burn, blemishes & pigmentation. It removes marks of all kinds and gives the skin a healthy, radiant, non-oily look. "1. Replenishes & Rehydrates skin 2. Unique zero oil formulation 3. Visibly enhances complexion 4. Keeps skin soft & supple 5. Protects skin from sun burn, blemishes & pigmentation " This oil free ayurvedic cream has anti-oxidising properties to protect, moisturize, nourish & stimulate skin cells. It contains natural plant extracts and a combination of non greasy low fat moisturizers to maintain the elasticity and firmness of skin. Also, its natural SPF protects skin from harmful effects of sun, improves skin complexion & freshens epidermal tissues for a natural glow. MINT MAGIC 40gm SUN BAN 40gm SAFFRON CARE 40gm

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