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Sattvik Organics Restore Age Care Combo

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• 100% Chemical Free
• Certified Organic & Ayurveda
• Earth and Plant Based Ingredients
• Halal Certified Brand

"1.Removes Breaking, Splitting or Snapping off 2. Smoothens, Detangles & Moisturizes hair without weighing them down 3. Reduces friction from brushing and helps fortify hair 4. Has an all-round approach – works on scalp, root, and hair fibre 5. Seals in moisture, locks out humidity & fights frizzing 6. Enhances Volume & Shine " "1. Awakens hair follicles for the best Scalp & Hair reproduction conditions 2. Strengthens brittle hair & enhances hair length 3. Restores shine & manageability 4. Detangles and revives hair follicles for a bright, sparkling, shiny finish 5. Stimulates development and leaves hair healthy and vibrant 6. Deep cleans hair roots and improves circulation 7. Restores life, moisture, bounce, and body - while fighting frizz " "1. Reduces pore appearance & removes impurities 2. Deep cleanses & rejuvenates for a smooth radiant skin 3. Maintains ideal moisture balance 4. Refreshes skin cells 5. Keeps skin soft & supple " "1. Relaxes tired skin cells 2. Moisturizes cracked heels 3. Unique healing formula 4. Keeps your skin super soft" "1. Leaves hands & cuticles - smooth & soft 2. Unique, Zero Sweat Formula (ZSF) 3. Removes dead skin cells 4. Works incredibly fast to give desired effect" RADIANCE CONDITIONER 200ml RADIANCE SHAMPOO 200ml MINT MAGIC 100gm Hand Care 100gm Foot Care 100gm
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