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Sattvik Organics Ravish Hair Combo

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• 100% Chemical Free
• Certified Organic & Ayurveda
• Earth and Plant Based Ingredients
• Halal Certified Brand

"1. Strengthens hair roots & stops hair loss 2. Thickens hair & treats showing scalp problem 3. Cures dandruff & greying of hair 4. Revitalises damaged scalp cells 5. Revives fresh hair growth & restores natural hair colour " "1.Removes Breaking, Splitting or Snapping off 2. Smoothens, Detangles & Moisturizes hair without weighing them down 3. Reduces friction from brushing and helps fortify hair 4. Has an all-round approach – works on scalp, root, and hair fibre 5. Seals in moisture, locks out humidity & fights frizzing 6. Enhances Volume & Shine " "1. Awakens hair follicles for the best Scalp & Hair reproduction conditions 2. Strengthens brittle hair & enhances hair length 3. Restores shine & manageability 4. Detangles and revives hair follicles for a bright, sparkling, shiny finish 5. Stimulates development and leaves hair healthy and vibrant 6. Deep cleans hair roots and improves circulation 7. Restores life, moisture, bounce, and body - while fighting frizz " This non oily Ayurvedic preparation is a combination of natural growth ingredients like Amla, Brahmi, Japa, Nagar Motha and other rare herbs that come together to revitalise and replenish hair follicular growthandgive you strong & healthy hair. It is made by the traditional Indian methods passed over generations to give you the best that nature has to offer and comes with the guarantee of Indian Ayurveda. This Light-weight, non oily conditioner nourishes the hair follicles and moisturises hair strands. The Sattvik Radiance Conditioner protects hair from the harmful effects of daily chemical exposure and renews damaged tissues. This anti-frizz conditioner gently smoothes the cuticles, reduces friction from brushing and helps fortify hair. Regular usage leads to a remarkable improvement in hair texture and it makes your hair lustrous & more manageable. It is ideal for falling hair & other related problems. This aromatherapy based hair cleanser is a rich blend of exotic ingredients that not only cleanse scalp tissues & hair follicles, but also restore lost nutrition due to exposure to sun and chemical pollutants. It is a unique blend of hair shine serum & aroma oils to enhance hair tensile strength and give a silky smooth look. Regular usage adds volume and improves overall health of hair fibre. It is ideal for falling hair & other related problems. HAIR LOSS 50ml RADIANCE CONDITIONER 200ml RADIANCE SHAMPOO 200ml

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