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Sattvik Organics Instant Glow Combo

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• 100% Chemical Free
• Certified Organic & Ayurveda
• Earth and Plant Based Ingredients
• Halal Certified Brand

"1. Reduces pore appearance & removes impurities 2. Deep cleanses & rejuvenates for a smooth radiant skin 3. Maintains ideal moisture balance 4. Refreshes skin cells 5. Keeps skin soft & supple " "1. Tightens skin pores 2. Gives a firm & fresh look 3. Rejuvenates skin & leaves it glowing with natural lustre 4. Nourishes the skin & enhances complexion 5. Leaves skin visibly smoother & flawless " "1. Exfoliates & gently removes dead skin & black heads 2. Detoxifies & visibly reduces pore appearance 3. Deep cleanses & gives a natural glow 4. Gives a smooth & polished feel 5. Keeps skin soft & supple " An antiseptic face cleanser that offers thorough cleansing by removing pollutants without depleting the natural moisture content. Added aroma oils soothe & relax stressed nerves. It takes off excess oil, gives your skin a natural glow & leaves it feeling fresh and soft. It is also an excellent make up remover. A nourishing face & body mask which improves skin texture and boosts skin renewal & hydration. Natural aroma oils soften skin and give it a natural glow. In case of mature skin, it also counteracts ageing signs by tightening the skin and giving it an uplifting effect. This oxygenated scrub is blessed with walnut grains of an ideal size and enriched with essential aroma oils to gently remove the dead skin and blackheads. It improves blood circulation and stimulates epidermal cells to reduce pore appearance and give you a naturally radiant looking, healthy skin. MINT MAGIC 40 gm GOLD MASK 40gm OXYPEEL SCRUB 40 gm

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