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“Gul” means flower and “Kand” means sweetness, as the name suggests, Gulkand is made out from flower i.e. Rose petals and gives immense sweetness to the taste buds, and when it is organic gulkand then be assured that it is completely natural and is a perfect blend of natural ingredients. In Ayurveda, roses are best known for its therapeutic use and cooling effect, which makes them a perfect ingredient for Gulkand. Vision Fresh Organic Gulkand is beneficial in many ways besides just providing sweetness to edible items. The cooling property of gulkand reduces the heat in the body, helps to overcome burning sensation in body parts and reduces eye inflammation. The anti-oxidant property of it helps to fight digestive problems like acidity, swelling of the intestine and ultimately improves the appetite.Gulkand flushes out the toxic substances from the body and rejuvenates the body. As per Ayurveda, gulkand also helps in relieving menstrual pain, and very few people know, this property of gulkand. In this scorching heat, just gulp a tablespoon of gulkand and it will help you against sunstroke and also reduces nostril-bleeding.


•    Organic Gulkand- Finest quality of gulkand, made with the premium quality of rose petals.

•    100% Natural- No additives, preservatives, artificial flavors etc.

•    Shelf Life- 12 months.

•    Energy content: Per serving 100 grams, 300 Kcal of energy

•    Can be used in Pan, Milk-Shake, Ice-Cream, Falooda etc.

•    Made by advanced organic techniques to capture the true essence of rose petals

•    Keep in cool and dry place


Cuisine  -  Indian

Speciality  -  Complete Organic Product with no added preservatives

Weight  -  800 grams

Country of Origin  -  India

Ingredient Type  -  Vegetarian


Add 1-2 tablespoon of organic gulkand to ice cream, milkshake, bread etc. or it can be consumed directly but in the limited amount. It can also be used in the preparation of desserts. Since it contains sugar, the persons suffering from diabetes should consult with the doctor before consuming it. It can be consumed in any time of the day.


Rose petals, sugar, cardamom, coral and honey blended in a perfect quantity to ensure superior quality. No added preservatives and artificial agents.


•    For Skin Problems- Gulkand purifies the blood and hence keeps the skin from breaks out acne. It is a natural body coolant and makes the skin cells alive

•    For Constipation: Gulkand kills the bacteria from stomach and thus helps in constipation problem

•    For irregular periods: 1 tablespoon of organic gulkand, if consumed daily, regulates the irregular period and prevents excessive bleeding. It acts as a glucose source which keeps the body energetic and prevents anemia

•    For Nervous System: It helps in reducing the stress and calms the mind

•    Infertility Problem in Men: As per Ayurveda, gulkand aids the process of sperm formation in male and hence corrects sperm defects in male

•    Cooling Action: The cooling property of gulkand helps in all heat-related problems like itching, burning sensation etc.

•    Gulkand helps to treat mouth ulcers, strengthens teeth and gums.

•    It is a mild laxative and strengthens the seven “Dhaatus” of the body.

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