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Gone are those days when you were required to inhale harmful toxic gasses arising from coils in order to keep mosquitoes away, these coils have now widely been replaced by mosquito repelling creams. But there is a danger associated with these ordinary mosquito repelling creams, these comprise of some substances which can prove very harmful for skin especially for the skin for your kids.

Organic and Natural Mosquito Repellents

Organic repelling agents are the best solution to this problem as they are cent percent natural with no toxic substances. Vision Fresh offers you an organic repellent “Mosquito Bye Bye Combo” two variants of balm and spray. It is a completely handmade product with a special formula for your skin and also tested in Laboratory. It comprises of 5 essential oils which make it friendly for every type of skin & irritation friendly. Moreover, the fragrance of this organic repelling agent will make you irresistible to buy this.

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