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Vision Fresh brings to you the best in class and best in taste organic mouth fresheners which are all time favorites for every India. No meal is complete without having mouth fresheners at the end which not only gives a sweet taste but also help in the prevention of bad breath. Every 1 out of 4 people in India has the problem of bad breath. The bad breath which comes from our mouth is the result of our bad oral hygiene like the left out a particle of food in our mouth, smoking, consumption of alcohol, tooth decay, dry mouth, wrong way of brushing teeth, and much more.

Vision Fresh offers a wide variety of mouth fresheners like organic Gulkand or Amla candy, which reduces the breath odor instantly and improve the oral health of the mouth. It comes in many flavors which come from ingredients like mint, cool mint, elaichi, and much more. The effect of our mouth freshener lasts long and slowly eliminate the problem of bad odor. The mouth fresheners instantly freshen up your body and mood.

Our organic mouth freshener will make you feel fresh and more confident than before.

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