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Organic Desi Ghee

In India, people are so much fond of ghee, that too the desi one. No food is complete without a topping or a layer of ghee on chapatis, vegetables, dals or roasting of spices to make a tempering for various Indian delicacies. But it is very difficult to find the purest form of ghee which is free from any adulteration and comes with authentic taste and aroma. We understand this love for desi ghee and concern for health. Hence we make available organic desi ghee at your doorstep.

Organic India 100% Pure Cow Desi Ghee

Organic desi ghee is made using traditional methods from pure fresh cow's milk. The cows are well cared for in a stress-free environment. They are fed with green grass, herbs and crop fodder that is seasonally grown on certified organic fields. Our pure desi ghee is free from harmful chemical pesticides, artificial hormones, and GMO's (genetically modified organism).the desi ghee we offer is a healthy option for Indian kitchen.


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