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Masala Mixes

Masala or spices, the ideal ingredients to spice up any dish. Vision fresh brings to you the best quality of certified organic food spices and masala mixes. To add your favorite spice blends and curry mixes, Indian masala mixes are a quick and convenient way which helps you overcome the hassle of measuring, mixing and grinding the basic ingredients.

Collection of Organic Indian Masala Mixes and Spices 

This masala mixes typically consists of amchur (dried mango powder), jeera (cumin), kala namak (black salt), coriander, dried ginger, salt, black pepper, hing (asafetida), chilly powder and much more. It can be used in all kinds of vegetable and fruit chats, salads, kebabs, or as a seasoning. The masala or spices add on to the taste of the food along with the assurance of no adverse effect on the health. We also offer packed masala mixes which are specifically created for particular dishes like Rajma masala, Chana masala, Sabji masala etc. which will help you in easing up your cooking and give a finger licking taste to the food.

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