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Vision Fresh has organic products for your pet care too in its basket. Organic Soap and Shampoo offered by us is the genuine natural products, the ingredients used in these products are friendly to your pet’s skin and will remove the germs that get accumulated beneath your pet’s hair. At the same time, the perfect blend of oils like neem, castor, sunflower, coconut used in organic shampoo and soaps will not give your pet an ultra-super protection against harmful bacteria but also helps in producing healthy and shiny coats.

Organic Pet Soap & Shampoo Online

Another common problem that pet owners face is the smelling odour that comes out from pets; to overcome this we have used peppermint, cedar wood, lavender in our organic soaps  and shampoo, these ingredients, besides removing the odour also possess antibacterial & antiseptic properties which ultimately helps to repel fleas and ticks in your pet. On top of all these benefits, the organic pet soap & shampoos are easy to apply on your pet.

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