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VisionFresh has brought to you Organic Body & Bath Care products, like shampoo, body oil, cleanser etc. which are completely natural and made out of the advanced Ayurvedic formula. The products are enriched with chickpea, gram, aloe-vera, mineral oils, tea tree extracts and many other natural ingredients which help to relax, rejuvenate and promotes a sense of well-being.

These natural bath care products give you a magnificent fragrance that is long lasting and let you breathe freely for a whole day. The products are suitable for both genders and we also offer bath care products for babies like baby shampoo, baths, body massage oils etc. which not only cleanse your baby’s body but also keeps it's gentle and soft without giving any irritation to your little one’s eyes. So, it’s time for you to embrace mother nature and ancient Ayurveda by start using the organic body and bath care products.

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