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Who doesn’t wish for beautiful and clear skin; Organic Toner is a blend of natural ingredients and completely alcohol-free which help in maintaining skin’s pH balance, fights acne, control excess oil secretion and ultimately revitalize your skin. One such natural ingredient used in this organic skin toner is rose water which acts as a cooling and purifying agent, other being lemon which tightens pores and refreshes skin.

The organic toner is very effective in removing the dead skin cells and impurities leaving your skin smooth, fresh and radiant. Besides this, the organic toner is rich in nutrients and proteins which control excess oil secretion, removes any make-up residue and finally provides a natural glow to your skin. If used regularly, the effects can be seen within few weeks and the results will stay longer than any other ordinary toner. VisionFresh offers varieties of toner at the online store at very affordable prices.

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