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Wonderful Health Benefits of Organic Gulkand or Rose Petals Jam

07 Jul 2017
Anuj Jain

Gulkand as the name suggests ‘gul’ means flower and ‘kand’ means sweetness is made from the king of the flower (rose). It is the most refreshing and powerful rejuvenator given to the mankind by nature. It is also an ayurvedic tonic which is used to reduce tiredness, itching and pain. It also has great cooling effects on our body as it reduces the heat in our body and it also helps in redness of eye. It can be made easily at home without any difficulty. Just take some rose petals and sugar grind them separately into powder mix them in a jar and keep them to the sunlight daily and take back in evening and shake it. But just ensure that the rose petals which you are using must be purely organic and free from any type of chemicals.  

organic gulkand

Benefits of Organic Gulkand:

  1.   It helps in preventing sunburn or sunstroke that is very common in summer.
  2.   Just 2 teaspoons of gulkand before venturing out in summer can help in preventing nose bleeding.
  3.   It gives us a great help in curing mouth ulcers and also kills bacteria from stomach and helps in constipation problem.
  4.   It helps us in purifying blood and removing toxins that leads to itching, pimples, blackheads, wrinkles and many others.
  5.   Helps in reducing stress and enhancing our memory power.
  6.   Has a very calm effect on our nervous system.
  7.  Organic Gulkand also helps against side effects of  painkillers, antibiotics, chemotherapy or any other therapy in cancer patients.

The only thing that has to be kept in mind is for diabetic patients because gulkand is very rich in sugar content.  So therefore consult your doctor before consuming it.

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