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What are the benefits of Organic Green Tea?

01 Aug 2017
Anuj Jain

Green Tea has been a part of the diet chart from ages. It is the healthiest beverage. It not only benefits you physically but also mentally. Green Tea helps to lose weight and with that also improves the gut system. Green tea originated from China and now has a special place in the homes worldwide. It has been used in Chinese and Indian medicines for years. Organic Green Tea is very nutritious and has non-toxic effects on the body. Being processed naturally, Organic Green Tea benefits the human body inherently and has no adverse effect on it. It contains phytochemicals like Polyphenols and caffeine and contains only 1 calorie in 100 mL serving.


Organic Green Tea Benefits on Health:

  1. Organic Green tea improves health with its bioactive compounds which are flourished with large amounts of nutrients. They function as antioxidants which reduce the formation of free radicals which in turn reduce the damage of cells and molecules.  Green tea also has mineral content.

  2. Organic Green Tea also enriches you mentally. Caffeine acts as the stimulant and improves brain function.  It improves many of the brain mechanics like mood, reaction time and memory. It has also been reported that Green Tea gives a more natural and healthy buzz to the brain than coffee.

  3. Green Tea also prevents cancer. The antioxidants present in Organic Green Tea are very powerful and the richest source of reducing the risk of cancer. Green tea is beneficial for women as it reduces 22% of the risk of breast cancer. It also reduces prostate and colorectal cancer. 

  4. The main reason why most Indians choose to drink Certified Organic Green Tea is to lose weight. It increases fat burning and boosts up metabolic rate. It improves the physical performance by using the energy produced from the burning of the fatty acids.

  5. The two most common neurodegenerative diseases, Alzheimer and Parkinson disease can be prevented by drinking Organic Green Tea. The bioactive compounds have the protective effect on neurons and reduce the risk of these diseases.

  6. Organic Green tea being so versatile on human body also kills bacteria and lowers the risk of infection. It fights against bad breath and improves dental health. The catechins in green tea are very effective; they inhibit the growth of viruses in the body.

  7. Type II diabetes has spread its arm more vividly during past few years. Organic Green Tea not only prevents from the disease but also reduces the blood sugar level. Green Tea consumers are comparatively at the lower risk of being diabetic. 

  8. Organic Green Tea sabotages the cardiovascular diseases. It reduces the cholesterol levels and fills the body with healthy and essential nutrients.

  9. Green Tea especially organic drag you away from the death. Studies have proved that consumption of Green Tea reduces the risk of death by 23% in women and 12% in men.

  10. The best solution to lose weight is Organic Green tea. It prevents obesity and flourishes the body with necessary nutrients. It keeps up the abdomen and decreases the body fat.

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