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Top 10 Tips to Enjoy a Vacation Without Gaining Weight

21 Aug 2017
Anuj Jain

Vacations are the tremendous part of human life. They come swiftly with the air of happiness, refresh us and make us fat. Vacations can be of two types – First, sitting idle at home for the whole day and watching TV and second, going on a trip either religious or adventurous. In both forms, gaining weight is a big problem. Eating and sleeping are all we do during vacations. We do the least manual labor in this time. This increases our body fat and thus the weight heads up. A bulged tummy and heavy self-become unbearable once we are back to work.

Here are some life hacks that will prevent you from gaining weight even when you’ll be partying hard during vacations:




  1. Waking up early and exercising or jogging becomes difficult during vacations. One craves for longer sleep hours. The first thing to be done is to wake up at reasonable hours and go for morning strolls in the fresh air. This will not only help you to lose the fat but will also refresh the mind.

  1. Drinking hot water with lemon and honey added also helps to reduce the body fat. It does not take much of the holiday morning and is very healthy and beneficial to the digestive system. This blend cut the fat from the belly.

  1. Consumption of Organic Green tea instead of normal masala tea too helps to reduce fat. Green tea is reluctant to add fat to the body.

  1. Eating and sleeping become the routine during the vacation. This forms the main reason of gaining weight. A person should always walk after having a meal. A walk around the house or the nearby garden is sufficient to stimulate digestion.

  1. Another tip that must be followed during and after vacation, almost every time is to avoid drinking water immediately after eating food. Water should be consumed at least after 45 minutes and also 45 minutes prior the meal.

  1. Avoiding much of sweet things and confectioneries will also prevent gaining weight. Sweets add a lot to the body carbs and fat which makes us unhealthy. A little amount is still better.

  1. If you are spending a vacation in other city or are on a trip, you should definitely avoid eating the street foods. While traveling, one happens to eat food available around because nothing else is available. During these situations, food must not be consumed in large amount.

  1. On a trip, when you have the “special food”, it is advisable to move around the city by foot. This will not only be good for your health but also will help you venture around without missing any intricate detail.

  1. It is also suggested by Doctors that fruits must be an Imperial part of daily diet. Fruits can be carried everywhere we go. These are the healthiest form of food and are beneficial to health.

  1. The body also must be nourished by organic fresh juices during vacation. If you spend much of your time home then, you can easily extract fresh juice from fruits. These are very relishing and effective.

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