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You Know- Organic Cumin Seeds are the Best Option for Weight Loss

20 Sep 2017
Anuj Jain

Cumin seeds are an integral part of Indian cuisines. The desi take is incomplete without ‘jeera’. They add to the flavor of the food. They are magical seeds because they prevent indigestion, reduce hair and skin problems and have the healthy impact on the body.

Ayurveda has given the healthiest spices to the Indian kitchen so that the kitchen brings out the best food for the body. Organic Cumin seeds are very effective for weight loss. A few cumin seeds lead to the major amount of weight loss. It is because of the presence of essential oils in Organic cumin seeds that help in the digestion of food. It has magnificent aroma and taste. Many Types of research have been conducted to discover the role of Organic Cumin on the body fat. It was observed that cumin acts as an antioxidant which increases metabolism. A good metabolic rate helps to reduce abdominal fat.

Organic Cumin seeds when combined with banana also help to lose weight. Recent researches have put forth that cumin seeds instantly help weight loss. It decreases the body fat and also reduces the cholesterol levels naturally. Thymol in cumin seeds stimulates the digestion of food by the activation of the salivary gland. The antioxidants flush the toxins out of the body and keep the body healthy and clean.




Organic cumin seeds also strengthen idle and inactive. The ‘jeera tea’ is very effective during indigestion. Some remedies relating to cumin seeds for weight loss are-

1.    A teaspoon of cumin seed added to a glass of water must be boiled. Once it turns brown, turn off the gas and cover it with a lid and let it cool. Drink the same for three times a day to improve digestion.

2.    Cumin seeds in a fairly good amount are to be soaked overnight. Then, use water to make cumin tea or chew the socked cumin seeds. This eliminates the body fat.

3.    Powdered cumin, when consumed with curd regularly, helps in reducing weight.

4.    Cumin powder with honey and water took every day helps to lose weight faster and is a tastier way.

Organic Cumin seeds help in cutting fat from the body. Cumin seeds rehydrate the body and refresh it. A good amount of water content in the body keeps it fulfilled and does not let it feel empty. This reduces the head of eating and hence does not add weight.

Concluding, in all forms, the organic cumin seeds help and stimulate digestion in the body. It prevents indigestion and keeps up the well being of the body. The main reason why cumin seeds are very supportive to weight loss is that they have active compounds that stimulate digestion and helps in retrieving body metabolism. They help to lose weight and reduce the intake of food. Some other benefits of Organic Cumin Seeds are that they reduce swelling, chills, regulate bowel movement, relieve joint infections, treat intestinal disease, eye problems, umbilical hernia, toothache etc. They also have anti-cancer properties which reduce the growth of tumors in the body.

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