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Need Excellent Nutrition? Eat Organic Pulses and Beans

16 Aug 2017
Anuj Jain

Pulses and beans have been an invincible part of human life. They form major parts of our daily food intake. Nutrition derived from pulses and beans is the most than any other food item. United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization enumerated 11 kinds of pulses which included dry beans, pigeon beans and much more.  Pulses and beans are very relevant part of a balanced diet. They flourish the body with necessary nutrients and minerals. The healthy content of pulses and beans is commendable. Doctors too suggest consumption of pulses at least once in a day to ensure the well-being and a healthy and happy gut. Pulses are inexpensive food items which are reachable and consumable to all sectors of society.

Pulses are legumes and have very low fat, high fiber, and no cholesterol content. They are high protein and high nutrient food. Even a sick person is suggested by the doctor to consume boiled pulses so that their energy is restored. It also helps in losing body weight. They make the gut feel full for a longer period of time because its fiber content and hence the craving for other food decreases. This eventually promotes losing weight and being in good shape.



Some other benefits of pulses and beans are: 

Heart diseases have become very common nowadays. Consumption of pulses and beans reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. The fiber content in the pulses lowers the cholesterol levels and thus keeping the health intact. They also contain potassium which lowers the high blood pressure and counterfeits the effect of sodium.

Blood sugar level spikes because of high glycemic index food. Organic Pulses and beans are low glycemic food and help to control the blood sugar levels in the body. This feature helps to control Diabetes in the patients and snatch them away from the risk. Also, people who do not have this problem are at lower risk of adopting it.

Organic Pulses are the richest source of protein among all foods. Chickpeas grab the first rank for the same. Protein is the demand of most of the people either on diet or is sick. Pulses and beans fulfill all the desired amount of protein in the body and hence this makes them whole food. 

Folate is an essential nutrient and is required in large quantity during the growth period of pregnancy and infancy. Impregnated women require a good amount of folate for the growth of a well-nourished baby. Organic Pulses and beans have a considerable amount of folate which keeps the woman energetic. Infants and small kids too are given boiled pulses water which helps them grows stronger. 

Organic Pulses and beans promote a healthy living. They are helpful in controlling weight and keep the body updated with the nutrients. They have complex carbohydrates and high fiber which makes digestion slower and keeps the stomach satisfied for longer hours. Pulses and beans are the good sources of iron in the body which helps to transport oxygen throughout the body. 

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