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La Flora Organics Organic Neem Oil 100 Ml

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Neem is Nature’s wonder healer tree, widely used in india for thousands of years for its exceptional medicinal & skincare benefits. Neem oil has azadirachtin compound which gives its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic properties. Dark coloured oil with a strong odour.*** ingereditent -: Pure, cold pressed oil of organic neem fruits & seeds (Azadirachta Indica). Artificial fragrance Free, Hexane Free, Preservative Free, Chemical Free, and 100% Vegan. ***How to Use - : Hair Care • Hair growth :Weekly application can help hair thinning issue as the oil promotes hair growth. Massage the oil well into the scalp before washing.(Dilute it with Org coconut or jojoba oil or Almond oil, 1:5 ratio). • Lice: Treat head lice naturally . Make a mixture of shampoo and neem oil in equal portions and rub it into your hair.Let it soak in and then wash it off. Skin care • Acne: Use a little neem oil diluted with La Flora Organics grape seed oil (1: 5 ratio)to help cure acne. • Eczema, skin inflammation: Nimbidin and Nimbin compounds in neem oil help to relieve redness and swelling. High in Vitamin E and fatty acids, it quickly restores the skin’s protective barrier . Mix one tsp Neem oil to 5 tsps of Pure Aloevera Gel to treat skin irritations. • Wrinkles & fine lines: Contains carotenoids which provide high antioxidants that defend the skin against age promoting free radicals. Apply diluted oil before bed time for healthier, firmer skin. PLANTS: Best, natural pesticide for plants. Mix 1 tbsp neem oil with a liter of water and a little liquid soap to the mix. Shake the mixture and spray it on plants to keep those bugs away. PETS: Natural,safe way to repel ticks & fleas, to treat mites & mange in pets. Add a little Neem oil to regular dog shampoo and use. For heavy infestation, rub carrier oil diluted Neem oil ( 1:3 ratio)directly onto the skin. P.S Not recommended for cats. *** Instructions -: Keep bottle away from direct sunlight/water contamination.100 % Natural product ,if allergic pls skin test before use. For regular use, Dilute it with other carrier oils like almond oil or coconut oil as neem is a very strong oil and has a strong smell .
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