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La Flora Organics Handmade Vetriver Natural Bath S

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Set of two handcrafted, Natural Bath Scrubs made out of the roots of real Vetriver (Ramacham/Khus ).Outer cover braided using natural Sisal fibre(Aloe vera family).Use the scrub at bath time to exfoliate & rejuvenate the skin,removes dead cells, prevents acnes, pimples. Effective against prickly heat rashes.Unlike the commercial plastic loofahs & scrubs, this natural scrub is beneficial for the skin as Vettriver root has cooling & medicinal properties.*** ingereditent -: Vetriver Root,Sisal natural fibre***How to Use - : Wet your skin with a quick, warm, shower.Firmly hold the scrub through the handle.Use the scrub on wet skin or with Soap . Scrub the skin as required.*** Instructions -: Avoid using on broken or irritated Skin.For external use only.After use squeeze out excess water in the scrub.Leave it in a dry dish/place .
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