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Vision Fresh Organic Groundnut Oil 1Ltr

  • It is useful in offering energy and inner strength.
  • very good option to the burning sensations in the stomach
  • It helps to maintain proper bowel moment.
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    • 100% Organic Certified
    • Certified Organic by OneCert,
    • USDA Organic, NPOP India Organic Certification.

    • Groundnut oil is organic material oil which is derived from groundnut, to have the taste and aroma of parent legume.
    • Organic groundnut oil is highly appreciated for high smoking point it possesses.
    • Its major constituent fatty acids are linolenic acids (33.4 percent), oleic acids (46.8 percent), and palmitic and linolenic acid.
    • It is tasteless oil. Its flavorlessness makes it perfect for frying. This oil is quite high in MUFA which lowers the bad cholesterol level in our body even without lowering the levels of good cholesterol.
    • It has a deep yellow color along with nutty and pleasant aroma, sweet taste.
    • However, refined groundnut oil has neutral taste and light yellow color.


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