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Vision Fresh Organic Bajra Dalia 500g

  • It is useful in offering energy and inner strength.
  • very good option to the burning sensations in the stomach
  • It helps to maintain proper bowel moment.
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    • 100% Organic Certified
    • Certified Organic by OneCert,
    • USDA Organic, NPOP India Organic Certification.

    • Bajra is an age old food for people in semi arid and desert regions in the north India.
    • In villages, it is used mostly during the winter season for making Chapatti, and is used as Rabdi during summer season, considered to be extremely soothing and digestive.
    • Bajra is completely gluten free, quite high in proteins and has excellent amino acid balance.
    • Bajra is practically an excellent source of thiamine as well as a better iron source.
    • It can be utilized for making various delicacies.
    • It offers relief from the heat in summer season and in winter season it increases the ability to withstand cold weather conditions.
    • Bajra offers more energy for consumed calories.

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