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Terms & Conditions


The following words will have following meanings in this document:

  1. "Buyer" refers to the person who purchases Products from the Seller; 
  2. "Seller" refers to Vision Fresh.
  3. "Products" refers to the items offered by Seller for sale on this website.
  4. "List Price" refers to the list of rates of the Goods offered by the Sellers on the site for sale
  5. The "Terms and Conditions" refers to terms & conditions of sales set out in the document and are amended occasionally.


  1. The Terms and Conditions will apply to all the contracts for the sales of Goods by Seller to Buyer and will overcome over any other documentations or communications from the Buyers. 
  2. All the orders for Goods will be deemed as an offer by Buyer to buy Goods pursuant to such Terms & Conditions and are subjected to acceptance by Seller. The Seller might choose to not cancel or accept any order without assigning a reason.
  3. Any variations to our Terms and Conditions will be inapplicable until agreed in written by the Sellers.
  4. Vision Fresh does not monitor your postings routinely to the site, but has the rights to do so. But, in our effort to promote good nationality within the web community, if Vision Fresh becomes aware of unsuitable use of the site or of its Services, then Vision Fresh will reply in any way which, in its discretion, Vision Fresh deems appropriate. You accept that Vision Fresh will have the rights to report to the law enforcement authorities about any actions that might be considered illegal, in addition to any information it gets from such illegal conduct. 
  5. Submissions and unauthorized usage of any material contained on this site may violate trademark laws, copyright laws, the laws of publicity and privacy, certain communications regulations and statutes and other related regulations and laws. You alone will be held responsible for your action or the action of any individual using your own user name or password. You shall cover and hold Vision Fresh and its directors, officers, employees, agents, licensors, business partners and affiliates harmless against and from all and any loss, expenses, damages, liabilities, and costs (including attorney fees) incurred arising from, concerning, or for purpose of avoiding, all or any claims or demands from third parties that your usage of the site or use of the site by any individual using your own user name or password violates any applicable laws or regulations, or the right of any third parties. 
  6. Vision Fresh reserves the rights to terminate user access to this site without notice, at any time. Upon termination, you immediately should destroy any printed and downloaded materials. 
  7. Vision Fresh may change terms and conditions set out here occasionally. By browsing this site you’re accepting that you’re bound by the existing terms and conditions, so you must check these every time you visit the site. 
  8. Vision Fresh may change the content and format of this site any time. 
  9. Vision Fresh may suspend the operations of this site for maintenance or support work. 
  10. Personal details offered to Vision Fresh through this site will be used only in accordance with the company’s privacy policy. By offering us your personal details, you’re consenting to its usage in reference to our company’s privacy policy.

Delivery, Payment and Price

  1. The prices of Goods will be that set in Seller's existing List Price on Seller's site inclusive of applicable taxes and goods will get delivered within 5-7 working days from the time you place the order successfully, subject to the product’s availability. 
  2. Payment of total purchase prices will be COD only for the home delivery orders. 
  3. Seller reserves the rights to decline any order if the reality of the client is suspected.
  4. If there is any error in price or description of goods in catalogue, Seller has the rights to supply products at the right price.


Seller warrants that Goods at the delivery will correspond to description given by Seller or otherwise will get sanction by the buyers for any changes.


  1. The Seller will not be responsible for any direct damage or loss suffered by Buyer howsoever caused, because of breach of contract, any negligence, or otherwise in surplus prices of the Goods.
  2. The Seller will not be responsible under any situations to the Buyers or any third parties for any consequential or indirect loss of profits, consequential or other financial loss suffered by Buyer howsoever caused, because of breach of contract, any negligence, misrepresentation, failure to meet estimated date of delivery or otherwise.