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Return and Cancellation Policy

Return Policy

  1. We accept returns within 15 days of receiving your order.
  2. We check all our products thoroughly for their quality before delivering them.
  3. You, the customer should check the quality of all fresh produces and groceries when receiving them.
  4. When it comes to fresh produce (vegetable, dairy products and fruits), it is necessary for the clients to check for the quality of products at the delivery time itself.
  5. If any fresh produce isn’t up to the mark or as per the client’s requirement, they can return the entire quantity of the product to the delivery person.

a)    Delivery boy will subtract the returned product amount from the totaled bill and the client will accordingly make the payment.

b)    The call centre representatives/executives will not entertain any issues related to fresh produce, afterwards.

c)    In case of groceries, if the client is incapable to check out the quality at the delivery time, he/she can inform this to call centre within 72 hours of delivery.

  1. The client can get an exchange of grocery packs under the following conditions only:

a)    Packs having dead or live insects.

b)    Packs that are torn or not sealed correctly at the delivery time

c)    Packs with sign of rotting

d)    Packs having expired products.

e)    No issues other than the above mentioned points will be addressed by us.

  1. Client will not get any exchange of grocery products under the following conditions:

a)    If the pack is open or the product is used already.

b)    The product is returned in another packing material.

c)    Clients cannot claim for an exchange if they have consumed or cooked the product.

Customers can exchange the products with new pack of same product or other products of same cost or even higher cost.

Cancellation Policy:

  1. Order cancellation will be accepted by us only if the item hasn’t been shipped by us. And if cancellation is accepted, the client is entitled for getting full amount as refund.
  2. We reserve all rights to refuse or cancel to accept an order because of different reasons like pricing error, no stock available, factual problems or errors identified with personal or financial details offer by the customers.

Money Back During Return Or Cancellation:

In case of return/replacement/exchange due to above stated quality problems and written proof from customers following refund policy is applicable:

  1. When cancelling or returning order through Net banking/card, we credit the refunds back to your net banking account or credit/debit card which takes nearly 10-15 business days to reflect in your account.
  2. If any client doesn’t wants to avail replacement, we can even issue a voucher of same value to customers to be availed in specified period of time as mentioned on that.
  3. In case of any such cases, the delivery charge is non refundable.