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Truu Garlic bulb Powder 100gm

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Truu Garlic bulb Powder 100gm

  • Garlic is a member of the lily family along with chives, shallots and onions. Garlic roots are an uncommon culinary ingredient, primarily because they are customarily trimmed from the bulb and discarded after harvest.
  • They are considered an almost obscure secondary crop for garlic growers.
  • The plant is edible in its entirety, though.
  • Garlic roots can be harvested during the plant's green garlic stage and throughout its maturity.
  • Garlic roots are the taproots of an individual garlic bulb.
  • Dozens of thin wiry taproots descend from the bulbous root during garlic's growing cycle, establishing the plant and continuing to act as the plant's food seeker, absorbing nutrients from the soil.
  • While the garlic roots are white, they have been tinted with tones of sand and dirt, a colored suggestion of where they come from.
  • These colors do not play into the flavor though.
  • Garlic roots hold less the bite of the bulb and more of a subtle overture of garlic flavor.
  • Notes of savory pepper act as a teaser to what is to come, yet there is no profound after bite, just a mellow finish.
  • Cooked garlic roots become even more mellow with a hint of nutty sweetness.