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sattvik organics Shape On Combo

Sattvik Organics Product code :SOC3
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sattvik organics Shape On Combo

"1. Lifts, Tightens, and Firms - Belly, Butt, Thighs, Legs & Arms_x000D_ 2. Rebuilds natural elasticity_x000D_ 3. Removes sagging & flabby skin appearance_x000D_ 4. Tones muscles and skin tissues_x000D_ "_x000D_ "1. Breaks down cellular fat & reduces flab_x000D_ 2. Prevents building up of toxins_x000D_ 3. Increases lymphatic drainage_x000D_ 4. Decongests sluggish and under active tissues_x000D_ "_x000D_ "_x000D_ This miracle anti cellulite gel is formulated to shape up body curves by boosting metabolism and breaking down cellular fat. Enriched with aromatic oils, it lifts and tightens skin cells while stimulating circulation and strengthening connective tissues. Its all round action boosts synthesis of collagen with skin fibers for firmness and natural elasticity._x000D_ Regular application of the Sattvik Shape ON Gel, completely removes the ugly fat lobules and lumpy / uneven skin texture (also, known as, the orange peel syndrome) to make you skin visibly smoother and softer._x000D_ "_x000D_ "_x000D_ The Sattvik Shape ON oil is a clinically-proven system that pioneers a unique approach for cellulite elimination. Its dual action allows it to spread easy on the top layer and penetrate to the deeper layers of skin at the same time.It therefore, attacks the fat storing cells in the upper layers whilst boosting circulation and triggering increased metabolism in the lower layers of skin. Thus, giving you faster and remarkably better results._x000D_ Regular use of the Sattvik Shape ON oil detoxifies skin cells and strengthens connective tissues, leading to a visibly toned and sculpted look._x000D_ "_x000D_ SHAPE ON GEL 40 gm_x000D_ SHAPE ON OIL 50 ml_x000D_